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About us

INTEGER JOBS offers complete services for supplying manpower from Asia: recruitment and selection of skilled and unskilled workers, carrying out the procedures for obtaining the work visa and the residence permit in Romania and consultancy for the integration of foreign citizens.

Through its accredited partners in Vietnam, Nepal, Indonesia and the Philippines, INTEGER JOBS acts as a qualified and unskilled labor force supplier, depending on the needs of your company.

All the workers recruited by INTEGER JOBS are English speakers at a basic-medium level, and through rigorous selection, those who pass the tests are defined as disciplined, motivated, loyal and experienced in the field for which they apply.


INTEGER JOBS is determined to represent the highest standards in performance in the supply of Asian workforce in Romania, assimilated to a reliable partner both by customers, suppliers and workers.


Our mission is to provide workforce for Romanian market, in order to give stability, efficiency and profitability for all ongoing projects.

For our shareholders, suppliers and clients, the most important and most valuable resource is the human resource. The recruitment activity is carried out in a professional, transparent and in compliance with internationally recognized codes of ethics.

INTEGER JOBS promotes efficiency, loyalty and discipline in business, values ​​that ensure the success of any business project.

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Unskilled and skilled workers(blacksmiths,carpenters), foremans


Professional Chefs,waiters,pastry workers, bartenders, hotel staff.


Unskilled workers, warehouse workers

Relaxation and beauty

Qualified spa staff and beauty services


Car mechanics, carpenters, painters


Confectionery, knitting, machine mechanics

Care and housekeeping

Qualified staff for care and housekeeping


Agriculture workers, tractor drivers, animal carers